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“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the key role you played in resolving Maine’s decades-long effort to implement a statewide building code...Your mediation and facilitation [were] instrumental in the accomplishment of this important and impressive result. Without the consensus that the Working Group achieved, there is little doubt that this initiative would have failed once again. Instead, your ability to lead the group through tough decisions and painstaking compromises resulted in long sought-after success.” 


Governor John Baldacci, Maine 

“Not only did Jeff manage the often divergent interests of CSO and NOAA, but he also devised and executed a successful strategy that far exceeded our expectations…His work on this project leaves a lasting impact and is now the foundation of federal legislation to be introduced in Congress this year… I am happy to provide Jeff with my highest recommendation.” 

Jena Carter, Deputy Director, Coastal States Organization 

“I cannot commend Jeff Edelstein highly enough for the tremendous job he did…This situation seemed quite hopeless after many years of fighting. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the midst of a situation with such depth of mistrust on all sides…. Jeff’s tenacity and patience are extraordinary. …His sense of diplomacy and ability to find the potential for agreement, when no one else seemed to see it, were remarkable. … I cannot think of any conflict for which I would not recommend his assistance and leadership.” 


Jeffrey Eger, General Manager, Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky 

Mr. Edelstein’s integrity, intelligence, professionalism and ability to manage challenging group dynamics lead me to recommend his services with the enthusiasm and confidence reserved for a select few.”

Neal W. Allen, Executive Director, Greater Portland Council of Governments 

“This was an unprecedented case involving multiple jurisdictions, states, EPA regions, and conflicts between two Federal laws. The case was complicated and very contentious… Jeff’s leadership played a significant role in resolving the dispute… He committed himself to understanding the issues and the details of the situation… He was in the trenches, willing to put in whatever time, work and energy was necessary to get the job done… He seems to have the ability to bring out the best in people, to inspire them to rise to their best, but also has a keen sense of political sensibilities. ” 

David Rager, Director, Greater Cincinnati Waterworks 

“Under Jeff’s leadership and guidance, the vision of municipalities working together to solve water quality problems is fast becoming a reality...I continue to be impressed by Jeff’s ability to manage diverse personalities and forge a sense of teamwork and trust among group members, while at the same time keeping meetings on track and moving forward... The success of this effort would not have been possible without Jeff’s skill and expertise as a group facilitator and mediator. ” 

Betty McInnes, District Manager Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District 

“[Jeff] has a rare capacity for building trust amongst the various sides of an issue or debate and then facilitating the process of reaching consensus on a course of action. In this public policy debate, as in so many others, participants (or some might say, combatants) often tend to be impassioned believers in their cause. Jeff has that unique ability to work with people in a way that gets past the posturing that is common in these cases to help the participants address their true underlying interests.” 

Ron Tipton, Director, U.S. Ecoregion Conservation, World Wildlife Fund 

“Jeff’s steady guidance helped the group members to overcome their differences and work together for the common good, creating a solid foundation for the passage of [the bill]...The fair, open and inclusive process which Jeff structured and implemented served as the basis for support of LD 1025 by many legislators...Jeff’s assistance in resolving this hotly contested issue has served the people of the State of Maine well. I recommend his services highly. ” 


Nancy B. Sullivan, House Chair - Committee on Business, Research and Economic Development, 121st Maine Legislature 

“We gave Jeff the task of resolving one of the most difficult community conflicts I've seen in my tenure as Mayor (or any most recent Mayors) and he succeeded far beyond anyone's most optimistic expectations...Without Jeff's help we would likely now be embroiled in lawsuits or worse, to everyone's detriment. With his help, our City has taken a major step forward in addressing the difficult challenge of managing growth wisely, and has shown itself to be a community where people come together to solve their problems...It is my pleasure to give my highest recommendation for Jeff Edelstein's assistance to the City of Westbrook and its residents.” 

Bruce L. Chuluda, Mayor, City of Westbrook

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